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Checklist for Meeting Invitations

Posted on Dec 6, 2013 by in Facilitation & Soft Skills | 0 comments

Following this checklist will improve email invitations. It’s adapted from a flyer by sipgate.


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Content of the 1-Pager:

 Checklist for meeting invitations

You’re inviting people to a meeting? Make sure you’ve covered all
important information, such as …

  • Goal – Why do this meeting at all? Collect ideas; Create a draft;
    Distribute work; Discuss viability of a proposal; …
  • Decision? – Will the meeting attendees take a decision? About what?
    Who will be affected?
  • Agenda – With allotted time, if applicable
  • Moderator / Facilitator – Will someone moderate? Who?
  • Participants – Who’s invited? Who should come? Who must come?
  • Preparation – Who has to prepare what? Don’t forget to send
    attachments or links
  • Calendar Entry – Alternatively: Date, time and length

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