Spread knowledge in your company: Print out 1-pagers and display them at the water cooler
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Wall-Skills.com is inspired by “Testing on the Toilet“: Some Google testers wanted to improve the  (automated) testing done across the company. That’s why they started to hang up tips for testing in the toilets for people to read in their “leisure” time. The tips change weekly.

We wanted to do the same for agile content and Soft Skills. And while we’re at it, we’ll also cover tips for development, devops and system administration. We publish ready-made 1-page PDFs so that you can conveniently spread knowledge in your company, too! It doesn’t have to be on the toilet. Fridge doors are great, too! Or next to the coffee machine, the elevator, …


For the 1-pagers we created (can be downloaded directly on this site; usually green) you are encouraged to print them out and hang them up all over the place. You can also use individual ones in your blog, slide decks and hand-outs. Please link to the blog page and not the PDF directly. Thank you!

We do not want you to publish collections where the main content is our content. We do that ourselves 🙂

All “external” 1-pagers (we link to another website) keep their original respective licenses.



Wall-Skills.com is a project by Corinna Baldauf aka findingmarbles and Roland Wolters aka liquidat.



You have got content that would make a great 1-pager? Splendid! We’d love to hear from you – contact us via email or Twitter (Corinna on Twitter, Roland on Twitter)