Spread knowledge in your company: Print out 1-pagers and display them at the water cooler
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You want to contribute to Wall-Skills and create 1-pagers? Great, send them to ws@wall-skills.com.
Here’s our Style Guide (as of Dec 2013):


Our PDFs have either a white or a light green background (#e1ebac).


In white PDFs we use Wall-Skills-turquoise (#65aaa9) or dark green (#0c3838) for titles and grey (#171919) for running text.

On light green, we use #0c807d for titles and grey (#171919) or dark green (#0c3838) for running text.

Then there’s a couple of colors we use in diagrams, e.g. in 4 Sides Model and Cumulative Flow Diagram.


Minimum font size is 12px. We use the Droid family of fonts:

If it fits the topic we set the title in a special font, e.g. for SOLID and DevOps.

Preview Image

The preview image needs to be exactly 596 x 842 pixels big. Otherwise the homepage has strange empty spots, because the preview images don’t tile nicely.

The middle of the preview image will appear on the homepage – from about 190 px down to 640 px. We try to place something unique in this area so that people can tell the difference between 1-pagers and easily find what they are looking for. Ideally the title is also in this area.


Corinna uses Illustrator. Roland uses LibreOffice.

  • PDF – White background, Alternating
  • AI – Light green background
  • ODT – White background, Simple

Examples of finished 1-Pagers

White background:

Light green background: