Spread knowledge in your company: Print out 1-pagers and display them at the water cooler
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Level up your skills – 1 page at a time


So much to learn, so little time! Especially when you first dive into a new field it can be difficult to get an overview of all the work that’s already been done. Would you like to jump start your brain? That’s what the Wall-Skills 1-Pager are for: Explain 1 topic so that you can easily understand and immediately act on it. Read all the 1-Pagers for a field of knowledge and you can better judge which topics you want to spend more time on learning. Of course we provide links for further reading!

Or maybe you already know the topic but need to teach others, and fast? Go ahead, print out the 1-Pagers and display them were your audience is bound to come across them. Coffee machines come to mind…

What others are saying:

“I really love the book, I printed out the posters and hung them up and have noticed quite a few hallway conversations and a few folks have stopped by my office and said ”You’re really serious about this agile stuff aren’t you?” It’s been a great conversation starter.” – Scott Vann

“I’m thrilled about your “Agile & Scrum” poster series and will distribute large printouts on our office walls!” – A ScrumMaster at Baloise Insurances


Check out the following collections for topics you’d like to scout out:


Cover of Skills for successful Product Owners

Skills for successful Product Owners
This collection contains all the following collections and more

Cover of Agile & Scrum

Agile & Scrum

Cover of Facilitation