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Accountability in Scrum

Scrum brings new roles which often make those involve insecure – Who is now accountable for what? Fortunately Tommi Johnstone and Dan Rawsthorne have created a helpful infographic showing us in detail.

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  1. 3Back 2014/05/08

    Thanks for sharing this! Cheers to better teams!

  2. Stijn 2016/01/20

    Nice post but too bad that the dev-ops team isn’t on it (with their accountabilities/commitments (D.O.D. – Team Manifesto – Commitment to the accepted work).
    In my opinion it would be nicer if this was in the post. On this post the dev-ops teams seems hierarchical underlying because they aren’t named.
    Maybe something like: PO+SM+DO = Scrumteam would be better!

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