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Agile & Scrum

Get a head start with key concepts of
agile software development and the Scrum framework
– 1 page at a time


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Have you recently been thrown into an agile environment? Your company is taking the leap and you’re all adopting Scrum? It does seem like a lot of information to take in, right? It doesn’t exactly help that Scrum uses its own vocabulary: Sprint, product backlog, retrospective, definition of done, product owner, … So much to learn and so few hours in the day.

You could go ahead and read lots of books and blog posts. Mull them over. Try stuff out. See what works and what doesn’t. In fact, you should. Knowing more and applying it, is never a bad idea. It just takes a lot of time.

What if you could bring that time down by learning the key concepts of agile software development and the Scrum framework in an easily accessible format? What if you could get a head start with helpful summaries?

Not to fret, that’s exactly what the 1-pagers about “Scrum & Agile” will do for you: Each 1-pager explains 1 core topic so that you can easily digest it. Get an overview and pick up the Scrum lingo. Become familiar with the specific mindset of agile people in no time. Study one 1-pager at a time, gain confidence and you’re well on your way towards an agile mindset yourself! And of course you can also help others on their journey:

“I really love the book, I printed out the posters and hung them up and have noticed quite a few hallway conversations and a few folks have stopped by my office and said “You’re really serious about this agile stuff aren’t you?” It’s been a great conversation starter.” – Scott Vann


“I’m thrilled about your “Agile & Scrum” poster series and will distribute large printouts on our office walls!” – C., ScrumMaster at Baloise Insurances

Corinna Baldauf has first-hand experience in every Scrum role and knows what topics to cover to give you a helpful overview and primer.

Buying the book is risk-free for you:
1) Full money-back guarantee – You get your money back if you’re not happy!
2) You get all future updates and additions to the book for free!

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