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Kickstart your facilitation skills
with key methods and concepts for facilitators
– 1 page at a time

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Are you a newly minted facilitator? Or an aspiring one? When you first dive into facilitation it can be intimidating, there’s so much to learn and so few hours in the day.

You could go ahead and attend workshops, read lots of books, blog posts and watch tutorials. And practice what you’ve learned. Put it into action. See what works and what doesn’t. In fact, you should. Knowing more and applying it, will make you a better facilitator. It just takes a lot of time.

What if you could bring that time down a notch, by starting with key techniques and concepts? What if you could get a head start with helpful summaries?

Not to fret, that’s exactly what “Facilitation” will do for you: It’s a selection of core techniques that make sure you learn the most effective facilitation skills first. The ones that help you structure discussions and meetings, ask better questions, and make sense of what is happening.

Each 1-pager explains 1 topic so that you can easily digest it and immediately act on it. Study a method, try it out, gain confidence and you’re well on your way to become a great facilitator!)

Buying the book is risk-free for you:
1) Full money-back guarantee – You get your money back if you’re not happy!
2) You get all future updates and additions to the book for free!

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