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Here at Wall-Skills.com we’re all about learning new skills, either for yourself or to give others a leg up.

“I really enjoy the LeanPub books you’ve put on the web. The content is very useful, and the “1 page at a time” concept and art design is very creative.” – Wade H., Project Manager

“I’m thrilled about your “Agile & Scrum” poster series and will distribute large printouts on our office walls!” – A ScrumMaster at Baloise Insurances

Read all our summaries for a field and you can better judge which topics you want to spend more time on. It’ll give a huge head start. Plus, we provide links for further reading if you want to go deeper.


What would you like to become?

A great Product Owner!
This book contains “Agile & Scrum”, “Facilitation”,
loads on product management and related topics.


Cover of Facilitation

A great facilitator!


Cover of Agile & Scrum

Be knowledgeable about Agile & Scrum!

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