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Agile Mindset

You might have heard that “Agile is a way to think” – But think how exactly? This infographic contains useful hints.

Content contributed by Corinna Baldauf. She also provides a less pretty version that shows more scales.

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Content of the 1-Pager:

 Mindsets: Agile vs Traditional

People are…: Humans with intrinsic motivations vs Resources: extrinsic motivation needed

People excel at their jobs because…: They put in effort & learn vs They’re just more intelligent

Decisions are taken…: By those impacted vs By management

You build the right product by…: Demoing to the customer often vs Rigorous analysis & detailed specs

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  1. Shane 2014/02/05

    Hi there,

    The printable image button leads to a resource not found page.


  2. corinna 2014/02/05 — Post Author

    Shane, sorry about that! Fixed it now.

    Thanks for telling us 🙂

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