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Egoless Programming

Jerry Weinberg described the 10 Commandments of Egoless Programming in his classic “The Psychology of Computer Programming“. We copied the version on Jeff Atwood’s blog.

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  1. Kyle Chamberlin 2013/12/18

    Awesome nuggets of insight… but I wish the details for #7 weren’t duplicated from #3.

    • corinna 2013/12/19 — Post Author

      *pullingHairInDespair* Damn you, copy paste…

      [x] Fixed now.

      Thank you Kyle for pointing it out!

  2. Lydia 2013/12/19

    I used this in a Retro today and we got a lot of great discussions about the commandments. And some good ToDos for the next Sprint!

    Thank you Corinna!!

    • corinna 2013/12/20 — Post Author

      Hi Lydia!

      Nice to hear that it’s useful!
      And great idea to use it in a retro. It’s now on my list of activities to add to Retr-O-Mat 🙂

      Happy Holidays,


  3. Foo 2015/02/17

    Can you change 9. to not be gender specific?

    • Corinna 2015/02/21 — Post Author

      Thanks for pointing that out!
      In my own work I always thrive to be non-specific (or alternate pronouns). However this is not original work by me (or Roland). I’m quoting Jerry Weinberg and just added layout. I don’t feel comfortable changing his words even if I’m not comfortable with the gendered phrasing either. (Thinking back I’m pretty sure I minded that back when I designed the 1-pager, but I didn’t want to change a quote and I love the egoless approach.)
      I’ll reach out to him on Twitter.

      Have a great weekend,


  4. Kim Barnes 2015/02/22

    I see you made the gender neutral change, but #3 and #7 details look the same, and I see from a previous comment that you fixed it earlier.

    • Corinna 2015/02/22 — Post Author

      You are right, of course. Guess my backup wasn’t of the last version :/ Hopefully everything’s alright now.
      Thank you for taking the time to alert us to it!

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