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Minimum Viable Product

Eric Ries has changed how millions of startups develop products with the idea of testing assumptions about customers with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Thank you to the good people on Twitter for vetting this 1-pager!

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Lean Startup’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The fastest way to test a product hypothesis

Spoiler Alert: Doesn’t have to be a “product”   Imagine you’re a startup with a “brilliant” product idea. How do you know anybody is willing to pay for it? You build it, right? Nope. You can test your assumptions easier. For example, instead of building the product, you create a landing page. Ask people to sign up to get notified once the product is finished. Run an AdWords campaign. Do people sign up? If so, build a “Buy”-page. Do people click to buy at a feasible price? Great, go ahead and build a 1st version of the product.   Traditional Approach “Let’s build it and hope people buy”   MVP Approach “Let’s build just enough to see if people buy”


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  1. Thierry Dalon 2016/03/30

    In sources the deming link to Henrik Kniberg visual does not work. You could update to http://blog.crisp.se/2016/01/25/henrikkniberg/making-sense-of-mvp

    • Corinna 2016/04/07 — Post Author

      Changed the link. Thank you, Thierry!

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