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Skills for Product Owners

Are you thinking about becoming a Product Owner? Would you like get an overview of what you need to know? Fast? We’ve compiled the most important and helpful concepts for new POs into a book. Each topic is self-contained on 1 nicely designed page so that you can digest it quickly:

For starters, there’s Scrum itself with its specific roles, events and concepts like product backlog, retrospective, definition of done, … and the wider agile context around it.

Then there’s product management, both outside of Scrum and solutions particularly invented in and for agile environments. Oh, and you will be a much more successful Product Owner if you’re a decent facilitator, so we’ll cover that as well.

Read our summaries for a field, turn unknown unknowns into known not-yet-well-knowns, and you can judge which topics you want to spend more time on. It’ll you give a huge head start and we provide links for further reading for when you want to go deeper.

About the Author
Corinna Baldauf has first-hand experience as a Product Owner in a Fortune 500 company and knows what topics to cover to help you hit the ground running.

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