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The Debriefing Cube

Part of the magic of great facilitation is in the debriefing: After (or during) an exercise the facilitator asks about participants’ observation, what insights they gained and which conclusions they draw. It deepens understanding, learning and sharing.

Chris Caswell and Julian Kea provide an amazing resource for facilitators to broaden the areas a debriefing can cover – or for groups without a facilitator to effectively debrief on their own.

It’s a wee bit more than 1 page but worth it for all the inspiration it packs.

There is also a German version.

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Content of 1-Pager:

  • Basics of debriefing
  • Areas of debriefing (Goals, Process, Communication, Take Away, Emotions, and Group Dynamics)
  • Debriefing questions for each area
  • The cube for printout
  • Question Cards for printout

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