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Playing-To-Win Strategy Canvas

Posted on Aug 14, 2019 by in Product Management | 0 comments

The book “Playing to Win – How Strategy Really Works” by Lafley and Martin outlines a framework with 5 steps on how to develop a great strategy for your business. As a reminder for myself I wanted to capture it in a 1-pager, but lo and behold, Matthew E. May already created a Strategy Canvas based on the book.

The “Get PDF”-button leads you to a version of the canvas that’s very close to the book. It is however an early version. Matthew May himself has improved on his original design and recommends this updated version.

I’d like to add two points, just in case it’s been a while since you’ve read the book:

  • The steps (i.e. boxes in the canvas) are interdependent. It’s normal that you circle back from later boxes back to adapt earlier ones. That’s what new information is for 🙂
  • You don’t just want one of these canvasses. Well, in the end you do want to narrow it down to one but not during strategizing. Then you want at the very least 2 canvasses with different “Where to Play” & “How to Win” pairs. How would you compare options otherwise?
Get PDF at MatthewEMay.com

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Content of 1-Pager:

  • Strategy Canvas by Matthew E. May, based on the book “Playing to Win” by Lafley & Martin
  • Covers “Winning Aspiration”, “Where to Play”, “How to Win”, “Capabilities Needed”, “Systems Required”, “Reverse Engineering” and “Strategic Tests”

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