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(Mini) Design Studio

At Corinna’s workplace teams use a shortened design studio to come up with interface ideas during planning and choose a solution to implement.

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Content of the 1-pager:

A Design Studio is a 1 day workshop invented in industrial design. Here we present a shortened version tailored to design single elements such as a graphical interface, short text, etc. Solutions created during Design Studios tend to have broad support because many were involved. It’s useful for product teams that jointly want to shape their product’s face.

How to run a design studio:

  1. Invite a diverse group of people. Invite at least 1 UX person, if possible
  2. Hand out stacks of paper and thick markers
  3. Present the problem to be solved
  4. Round #1 – Set a timer to 5 minutes. Now everyone individually sketches as many solutions as they can think of. The short time prevents people from adding unnecessary details. When time is up, everybody posts their interfaces to the wall and describes them in less than 2 minutes.
    Tell everyone to combine whichever elements they liked in all presented interfaces.
  5. Round #2 – Another 5 minutes to sketch a refined solution. Another round of presentations.
  6. Have a 5 minute discussion on which interfaces work for you and why. You can still incorporate suggestions to sketches.
  7. If no favorite emerges you can dot vote to find
    the most promising sketches.

Variant: After step #5 (round #2) have a round of critiquing all sketches. This feedback can only be negative! Have a 3rd round of sketching, followed by critiquing. Now feedback can only be positive. Continue with step #6.

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