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Simplicity Rules (from eXtreme Programming)

Simplicity is 1 of 5 core values in eXtreme Programming (the others being: respect, feedback, courage and communication). But what does “simple” mean exactly? Today’s 1-pager captures the rules for simple code.

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Content of the 1-pager:

Simplicity is one of the 5 underlying values of XP

What is the simplest thing that could possibly work?

  1. Passes all (unit) tests
  2. Expresses all ideas we need to express – Self-documenting
    · 1 idea per method / class
    · Names of variables / methods / classes reveal intent
    · Methods & classes are understandable from their public interface
  3. Has no superfluous parts
    · Minimal methods / classes / modules
    · Only add what you need right now (”You Ain’t Gonna Need It”)
  4. Duplicates no concept, behavior or

Source: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?XpSimplicityRules

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